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Friday, February 25, 2011

Living Together - This is bad film making, Fazil

Banner: Pilakkandi Filims

Cast: Hemanth, Sreelekha, Anoop Menon

Direction: Fazil

Production: Mohammed Basheer

Music: M. Jayachandran

This highly forgettable film from the legendary director is narrated as being told by its protagonist Hemachandran (Hemanth Menon), who has just returned from Germany, to his kids (apparently too small to have found interest in hearing such a story).The flashback has him in his start of his adulthood, working as a mechanical engineer, musing in making interesting discoveries.He falls in love with the neighbourhood girl Shyama (Sree Rekha), who had always made it a hobby to make youngsters around to fall in love with her. And within days she will throw them out of her life to make their life dismal. Surprisingly these tactics are all with the support of her family members including her grandfather (Nedumudi Venu) and others played by Innocent, Bindu Panikkar, Anoop Chandran and Lakshmi Priya and also a host of children from her neighbourhood.

But this time with Hemachandran, the story is a bit different. Shyama also feels for him and his qualities and when Heman's mother (Menaka) approaches Shyama's family for a relationship, the big secrets about her astrological problems and mysteries of mind are unveiled. Adding to this is a drug addict and manic Sathyamoorthy who had taken a bail from Bangalore jail, with the intention to rape and kill Shyama, for she had made him suffer behind bars for another rape attempt of her friend. Adding to this is a horror story planted in a haunted house where a spirit is running loose to attain salvation.

Bottom Line

Living Together - This is bad film making, Fazil

On the whole, 'Living Together' just don't have a thing, except good songs and graceful costumes, that may impress anyone.

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